GrandpaHow It All Started   

   Our story begins in a small town located in Hungary where the founder of Heizer Aerospace, Charles K. Heizer (pictured above) was born. It was here that Charlie began his extraordinary journey of life experience’s, collection of skills and vast knowledge.  

   His father was a blacksmith who started Charlie on tricks of the trade. Racing motorcycles, working on small engines at home to very large diesel engines in factories, attending technical and engineering classes.

    Throughout much of these experience’s there was a war going on creating many struggles and hardships, gaining a unique set of values from these life altering chapters that most of us could only imagine. During these times he helped on projects like making lighters from shell casings to sell and trade for necessities, salvaging and modifying a damaged, abandoned half-track into  a working tractor to plow their fields.

     Fearing for his life he fled Hungary on foot making his way to a port, then on a ship to America where he started a new life.  

   He worked for various companies including Carter Carburetor and went on to establish the company in 1963. Charlie also contributed to the medical field through his work on the development of a heart pump that would not damage the blood cells.

      Through the years the company has learned from and contributed to the technical aerospace industry. We have grown in man power, real estate and equipment.  Gaining the knowledge and expertise we have today.